Are you ready for some Football?

by Lowell Chilton

Despite the tagline on my blog suggesting I write about sports, I really don't seem to write about sports all that often.

Today I am.

See for the last 5 seasons I've had season tickets to the Seattle Seahawks with my friend Andy. We got tickets the year that Pete Carroll came to coach the team, and people were very down on them that year.

Boy were they wrong. That was the season of the making the playoffs with a losing record, defeating the reigning champs, and creating an earthquake in the process.

I've gotten to see two NFC championship wins in person, lots of wiener dog races, and partied in the streets after a Super Bowl victory.

This year I'm hoping for another party in the streets, but one that I want be able to attend, because I'll be at the game.

I'll be at the Super Bowl!

Check Back on Monday for pictures from the day.